Secure file transfer and online Proof of Prior Art

Protect. Transfer.

Ziplo helps defend your Intellectual Property. Ziplo allows you to create proof of prior art for your writings, your courses, your code, your videos, your drawings, your web pages, etc.

Ziplo is 100% hosted in EU and not submitted to US extraterritoriality laws.

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Simplify intellectual property protection

With Ziplo, deposit your files and documents in a few clicks, starting from 4€.

Qualified timestamping through CERTIGNA a state-trusted third party

Secure storage of your files

Blockchain registration provides a double-proof

Automated deposits

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A file service all in one

Ziplo takes care of your security and that of your files: protect, transfer, version...

File deposit with qualified timestamping

Ziplo provides you with proof of prior art to protect your intellectual property.

In a few clicks, protect your work on Ziplo for 4€ for 3 years.

Secured and sovereign file transfer

Transfer your files securely for free with Ziplo Transfer.

Your files transit and are stored in datacenters in France.

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Create secure pages to send files

Configure web pages to receive files in a breeze or generate temporary links to invite partners and customers to send you files securely.

Automate your online proof creation

Ziplo integrations allow you to automate your protection process.

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Computer code protection

Easily integrate the protection of your computer code into your deployment process with our Github integration.

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Online attestation with Ziplo WebProof

Make a complete record of a web page with our Ziplo WebProof extension for Google Chrome.

In 1 click, get the MHTML and a screenshot of the current page timestamped and without cache.

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Amplify the possibilities with Ziplo++

Ziplo+ allows you to boost Ziplo's capabilities and access advanced features of Ziplo.


*Annual payment: 5€/month


Transfer up to 20GB

Download page customization

Password protection

Address book

From 7 to 90 days of expiration


20% discount on all your deposits

Interface for lawyers and jurists

Access to Ziplo WebProof

Access to Ziplo Github Action

And even more

Multi-user interface by space

Advanced support and integrated feedback

Customizable options

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